Lines for corrugated profile production (universal)

The design of the universal lines for corrugated profile production allows to produce several types of different profiles at one piece of equipment. The change from one profile to another is done by changing the profiling tool.

Depending on the equipment class the tool change can be carried out by:
1. replacement of shaping rolls on the shafts;
2. change the amount of profiling stands;
3. use of quick removable modules.
Advantages: reduction of required space and communications, the ability to upgrade.
Disadvantages: there is no possibility to produce simultaneously all the profiles, the need for a thorough analysis of equipment utilization, the need for changeovers from one profile to another, the high reserve of solidity and power significantly increase the cost of this class of equipment.

Material thickness, mm0,35 - 0,7
Material width, mm1250
Coatingzinc, polymer
Profile length, mm500 - 12 000
Profiling speed, m/min40

Samples of profiles:
The line consists of:
 - decoiler;
 - loading trolley;
 - lubricating system;
 - rollforming mill;
 - guillotine shears;
 - conveyor stacker;

The equipment may optionaly include:
 - receiving device;
 - conveyor;
 - flying scissors;
 - packaging machine;
 - additional devices for bending, perforation, engraving, etc.